Why it’s dangerous to outsource our success?

Why it’s dangerous to outsource our success?

We do tend to outsource the blame towards others, especially God but we do it the other way around too. Don’t we outsource the gratitude and our own responsibility towards God as well?

Why is involving God or a saint risky for the ownership of your life and your decisions?
Simply, thanking (or blaming) God or other intangible things for something we are creating and we are responsible for shifts the focus from the only responsible person for our life – us. There is no one else but us. As this can be scary to many people who do not want to grow up and take the responsibility for their choices, they always shift all to someone else.

Obviously, there are helpers on the way, circumstances, luck, and many other aspects in our life but is really someone else responsible for us having a career, a partner, a house, or friends, or is it us? If you have faith, faith might help you stay on your path, but faith isn’t responsible for achieving something, it’s you.

At the end of the day, all successes or failures are the product of our own decisions, dedication, and choices.
Being grateful or having faith is very much needed in different aspects of our life, but are we grateful for the right things ourselves? Do we acknowledge our own successes?

Test yourself to what extent you thank or blame others for your own life. Your self-esteem might suffer if you don’t recognize enough your own accomplishments. Your inner child might feel incompetent too.

Our living, our growth, our career or our job, our social circle, our education, money, our partner, all of it it’s our responsibility. No one else. Not even God’s.


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