Hello guys,

My name is Teodora Stojšin, I am a travel fanatic and freedom seeker. This blog exists because I want to share with you everything I’ve learned from traveling. 

I was born in Norway, grew up in Serbia and have been living and working in five countries so far – Serbia, Greece, Malta, Florida and the Czech Republic. Traveling through more than 30 countries and 200 cities completely changed my life. Through all my experience I want to show you that it can change yours too.

You will be able to find articles and motivation (in both Serbian and English) about moving abroad, jobs, the life abroad but also impressions of the places I’ve visited. I will also show you many tricks how to find cheap flights and explore the world yourself. 


I hold a master degree in Communication studies, a bachelor degree in Journalism and many marketing courses. Naturally, since 2010 I have been working and writing for different types of media both online and offline.

If you need any services in my expertize, don’t hesitate to contact me using my email address – stojsinteodora@gmail.com.

I can help you with:

Promoting your services on my blog
Travel projects
Copywriting/Content writing/Blogging
Social media

At this moment, I am working in one of the fastest-growing multicultural companies in the travel industry, in Brno, the Czech Republic. If you want to see a detailed information, check my profile on LinkedIn.