Hello there,

My name is Teodora Stojšin, I’m in the education process of becoming a psychological counselor and a coach and I want to share my journey of personal growth and inspire you to start your own journey as well. My core values are inner harmony, growth, and freedom. I learn about the world by reading (hundreds) of psychology books and traveling, I lived and worked in five countries and for the last (almost) six years I’m living in the Czech Republic and working in an inspiring scale-up surrounded by 70 nationalities. I moved here completely alone and although I was frightened, my wish for exploring was a life priority.

I created this website to share my knowledge about mental health, behaviors, habits, and similar. A long time ago, I used to live a very unconscious life. I was unable to express my emotions in a healthy, mature way, always keeping the image of a “good and polite girl” while ignoring my own needs and wishes, I had no boundaries whatsoever. I didn’t allow myself to disappoint others although I was disappointing myself all the time. Thanks to the path of discovery I chose, my life perspectives and unuseful core beliefs changed; which helped me to move towards acceptance and an entire shift in my life. This ongoing transformation makes me feel at ease, more and more authentic and free.

It’s worth mentioning that before I found my passion in psychology I work(ed) in areas related to Employer Branding, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Internal & Strategic Communications, and Journalism. I speak 5 languages, I’m also on the Kiwi.com CSR executive committee, and I was the employee of the Quarter in 2018 and an ambassador of the Femme Palette organization. During these years I was also completing dozens and dozens of courses, workshops, programs, mentoring, coaching rounds, and European conferences (see more detailed list below).


Until I get my license as a psychological counselor and a coach, I can help you with the other part of my expertise:

  • Copywriting for Landing pages and other pages for your website, CV, and cover letters
  • Consulting related to writing, style, branding
  • Consulting and strategy related to social media
  • Personal branding strategies

If you want to connect with me or you need any services in my expertise, drop me an email at stojsinteodora@gmail.com.

Education related to Psychology, Spirituality, Communications

  • Bachelor’s studies in Journalism in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Master studies in Communications in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • OLI Center – Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, education for Psychological Counselor and a Coach, remote
  • 4 years of mentoring, coaching, Individual, EMDR, and group psychotherapies
  • 6 months Femme Palette mentoring program in Prague, 2021.
  • The Internal Communications conference in London, 2018.
  • Corporate Storytelling workshop in Amsterdam, 2019.
  • Poduzetnija program from Sara Peranic, remote
  • Mindset course with Sara Peranic, remote
  • Family Constellations workshops in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Reiki course with Lisa Powers, remote
  • More spiritual workshops with Tamara Etera, remote
  • Love Fullness workshop from Snezana Markovic, remote
  • Energy fit woman workshop with Lava Nikolic, remote
  • Get ready to live your life with Slavica Squire, remote
  • Female school of elegance with Alla Krecetova, remote
  • TaoTantric workshops with Ana Novakovic, remote
  • Experience workshops with Dijana Kocic, remote
  • Workshops focussed on communications, change management, public speaking, presentation skills, negotiation, and more in Brno, Czech Republic
  • More online webinars, workshops, courses, and podcasts from experts such as Brooke Castillo, Esther Perel, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Ryan Yokome, Marie Forleo, Terry Cole, Marissa Peer, Jovana Miljanovic, Sara Peranic.