Hello there,

My name is Teodora Stojšin, I still don’t entirely know who I am but I want to share my journey of discovering it on this blog and potentially inspire you to do the same.

My core values are inner harmony and freedom. A few years back, I started discovering the world and myself in it. Since then, my life perspectives and unuseful core beliefs changed; which helped me to move towards acceptance and an entire transformation. This ongoing transformation makes me feel at ease, more and more authentic and free.


I’ve been living and working in five countries so far – Serbia, Greece, Malta, Florida, and the Czech Republic. Traveling helps me a lot in my journey of discovery and here you’ll be able to find testimonials and inspiration (in both Serbian and English) about personal growth, spirituality, life abroad, and impressions of the places I’ve visited.


If you want to connect with me or you need any services in my expertise, don’t hesitate to contact me using my email address – stojsinteodora@gmail.com.

For the past decade, I worked in areas related to Copywriting, Social Media, Content Marketing, Internal/Strategic Communications, Employer Branding, and Journalism. I never stopped working on myself personally and professionally and completing dozens of courses, workshops, mentoring, and coaching rounds helped me to broaden my knowledge and experience.