My name is Teodora Stojšin. I work as a counselor under supervision (OLI integrative psychotherapy approach), and I’m in the education process of becoming a body psychotherapist (IPD International). My all references related to psychotherapy are below.

However, this was not always my career path or sphere of interest. I started my self-discovery in the psychotherapy area in 2018, and before that, I gained a master’s degree in Communications and a successful career in communications, employer branding, writing, and other areas. I finished several additional education and mentoring programs, conferences, and workshops around Europe. I was opening myself to the world by traveling and working in 5 different countries and reading many books. I was born in Norway, grew up in Serbia, and since 2017 I have lived and worked in Czechia.

Despite all of this success, there was another side. I used to live a very unconscious life, not believing that ease, satisfaction, or joy were possible for me if I didn’t pay a big price for that. I had to grow up quite fast and take on a lot of responsibilities myself. I was disconnected from my intuition, filled with musts instead of choices, unuseful beliefs, and wrong information. Deep down, I suffered a lot. At the same time, I felt I was here for more but lost in finding my path. I started searching for “more” in different countries and cultures, thinking the location was the problem. However, it turned out that no matter where I go, I carry my burden with me and I felt my purpose was missing. Only after I started peeling off, layer by layer, wrong patterns, beliefs, and habits through deep psychotherapy work, I started feeling alive and free. Since then, psychotherapy and counseling have been my main essence. 

Today, my core values are growth and freedom. I am a traveler and educator, and I enjoy nature and hiking, music, modern art, meditating, traveling, sunsets at the beach, and the air from the top of mountains. I am passionate about women’s rights, equity, and inclusivity topics. I’m inspired by life outside the box, mind depth, and people who live their truths. 

I chose the work of helping people find their truth to be my call and my purpose. I help people who feel lost be it in a different country or in a big life change, but who are brave enough to ask for support and clarification, who, just like me, didn’t know the change was even possible, but they felt the need to change the way they live. I want to support those who want more for themselves and know it’s time to become responsible for their life choices.

Examples (but not limited to) of topics I can help you with

  • Feeling alone or lonely in a foreign country, in a big life change or career transition, and needing support
  • Feeling lost, not motivated, anxious or scared, or going through the discovery of your own self
  • Difficulties in maintaining satisfying partnerships and relationships
  • Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Parenting challenges
  • Lack of boundaries and standing up for yourself
  • Feeling helpless to answer to your uncomfortable emotions (example: anger management, guilt, sadness)


  • Counselor under supervision, OLI Center – Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (930 hours)
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapist (still in education) – IPD International
  • Master in Communication Studies – University of Philosophy, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • A Member of Counseling “Jerina” (Serbia)
  • Psychodramatic Bodywork Intermediate + entry level – Oxford School of Psychodrama & Integrative Psychotherapy (36 hours)
  • Early Childhood Mental Development – IPD International (72 hours)
  • Everyday Parenting Yale Course: The ABCs of Child Rearing, method by Alan Kazdin
  • Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies for Interventions, Harvard University
  • Podnikni to, an entrepreneurship course by Skill Center, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Entrepreneurship mindset program by Sara Peranic (Named: Poduzetnija)
  • Six years of other education and workshops such as family constellation workshops, energy bodywork work with different individuals such as Tamara Etera, Lava Nikolic, Ana Novakovic, and Magdalena Perth, individual, EMDR, bodywork, and group psychotherapies; and more learnings from experts such as Brooke Castillo, Esther Perel, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Marie Forleo, Terry Cole, Marissa Peer

Other references

Skills and education throughout a career in a global scale-up/corporate environment

  • Senior Global Employer Branding Partner and Senior Communication Professional
  • Femme Palette Ambassador in Prague, Czech Republic (2022)
  • Sustainability Committee Member at Kiwi.com in Brno, Czech Republic (2023)
  • From 2018 till 2024, attended The Internal Communications conference in London, UK; Corporate Storytelling Workshop from the Institute of Business Writing in Amsterdam, Netherlands; completed education focussed on internal, strategic, assertive, and non-violent, communications, copywriting, employer branding strategies, change and stakeholder management, public speaking, and many more in Brno, Czech Republic