Why I Fell In Love With Český Krumlov

Why I Fell In Love With Český Krumlov

If you think Prague is the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic, you’d be surprised! It’s not well known, but there are many unknown & breathtaking places in the Czech Republic. Český Krumlov stole my heart from the very first moment, and in this article, you are going to see why.

Straight out of a fairytale

Tell me, did you hear about Český Krumlov at all? The town is small and you can visit it in one day, but not even the whole life is enough to appreciate it! For example, some statistics say there are 7 millions of people visiting Prague every year. Although there are tours from Prague to Český Krumlov organized by agencies, not many people actually take it. For example, I’ve visited Prague in 2013 and the agency I’ve been traveling with suggested a visit only to Dresden or Karlovy Vary. What a mistake guys! I went to Karlovy Vary and of course, it was nice, but comparing to Český Krumlov its just…well…not even comparable. 😀

When walking through narrow streets and impressive buildings, you really feel like you ended up in some fairytale. It’s famous because of its history and the old fascinating castle. Today Český Krumlov has been visited mainly by Asian people and the main pleasure is to ride a canoe but also to drink smoked beer!

Pure history

Český Krumlov is one of these towns where you can go for a vacation with your family, friends, a husband or even do a wedding. It’s a town suitable for every occasion. The town is extremely old and the name Český Krumlov was documented the first time in 1259. The architecture dates from the 14th and 17th century. Amazing, right?!

Since it was always on the way during the European wars, many people tried to conquer it. Back in the days, it was a part of Austria-Germany and Czechoslovakia. After World War II, the town was ethnically cleansed and returned to Czechoslovakia. That was a sad time for this town as not only the people but the architecture suffered a lot. The town was restored in 90’s and since then is extremely popular with tourists.

The castle

The castle in Český Krumlov is one of the most important monuments the whole Central Europe. You know how in all castles you can go up and usually see… nothing? This is not the case with this castle. The view from the castle is magnificent and it gives you a picture of the whole city.  I don’t want to write too much about this beauty, I’d rather show you. Check the pictures and the video but note that the pictures can’t show the reality. It’s 10 times better in person!

Rent a canoe

Unfortunately, didn’t have time to do this, but my friends did and they had a great time. There is also a possibility to start in Prague and surf or paddle till you reach Český Krumlov. Since the river helps you to move the canoe, you can paddle just for some time and then just relax and enjoy.

Smoked beer

If you thought you saw and tasted enough beer types in your life, well, you are wrong. A world-famous Eggenberg brewery makes smoked beer in Český Krumlov. It’s not just a commercial, the beer really tastes like some smoked thing. 😀 I wasn’t that impressed cause it just tastes weird, but I know people who loved it very much. Anyway, I strongly recommend you to give it a try, it’s a shame to miss it.

Beautiful Czech land. #czechrepublic

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How to get there?

I hope these pictures gave you an overview of what to expect there. You can reach this place by bus from Prague. It takes almost 3 hours and the ticket costs around 7 euros with RegioJet (or less). It might sound too much for going there and back in one day but it’s worth of it. Please do it and you won’t regret! Of course, you can try the other companies as well, however, the best experience I had with this company. Mainly because you get free coffee and wifi while traveling but also a screen in front of your seat where you can watch movies, read newspapers etc.


In theory, you can visit and explore Český Krumlov in one day. If you decide to find an accommodation, I’d recommend you to search it depending on your budget. Hostelworld, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc. Note that the city is full of tourists on daily basis and it’s difficult to pay for a bed even in hostels less than 15 euros.


Have you visited this beauty? No?? What are you waiting for?! 🙂
If you have additional questions, let me know in comments.

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