The cheapest way to explore Brussels and around

The cheapest way to explore Brussels and around

We all heard how Belgium is expensive and especially Brussels is not worth visiting. Well, I got a totally different impression! You can save some money and still have a nice time there. If you follow the tips I’ll share in this article, you’ll also be able to visit Brussels and even Brugge without having to spend a lot of money.

Save up to 23 euros on transportation from the airport!

If you arrive at Charleroi airport as I did, you’ll need around 1 more hour to get to Brussels. There is the option to buy a shuttle bus which costs 17 euros one way. That’s quite expensive, especially for the ride of 1 hour, right? Luckily, there are plenty of rides on Blablacar website offered in Charleroi airport. The ride in this way to Brussels costs 5-6 euros only!

First of all, are you familiar with the BlaBlaCar? It serves for people who travel by car to share the costs with others who travel in the same direction. Instead of 34 euros for a return ticket, I paid only 11 euros.  By the way, here is also one tip for you: For some reason searching for the directions on the website didn’t work until I typed which directed me to Blablacar immediately. Then I was able to find a lot of rides.

Of course, you should check the reviews of drivers and if you are suspicious, choose the one who already has some reviews.  I use BlaBlaCar quite often and had only pleasant experience.

Find a Couchsurfing host

Don’t be scared, people on Brussels Couchsurfing are extremely friendly and nice! Many of them have a plenty of reviews which means they are reliable and great hosts. They are mainly foreigners living, studying or working in Brussels and ready to share everything with you.

I was in touch with a few of them and they were more than helpful. Thanks to them I learned about discounted tickets, tours in the Brussels and the other local tips and tricks.

Go for a free tour around the city

As in many other cities, Brussels also has free walking tours around the city. It works in a way that guides show you the city, speak about the buildings, history, architecture, and all the other important stuff. The tour lasts for few hours and you are supposed to tip the guide in the end.

Since it’s voluntarily, some people skip it but depends on your mood and your expectations. On the other side, tipping should be there as it’s appreciation of their work. At the end of the day, guys are doing it to support themselves, therefore, it’s nice to give them any money.

You’ll find different tours simply by searching it on google.

Walk, walk, walk

If you are located near the center, try to walk as much as you can. Forget about the transport in the very center – there is no need for that. By walking you’ll experience much more and you can use transport only for further locations.

Eat wisely

Of course, you’ll try waffles, chocolate, fries, beer but there is no need to eat outside all the time. If you’ll do it you might find many tourist traps and waste a lot of money. Simply, don’t be lazy. Try to visit their supermarkets and make your own fast meals or buy prepared ones. The supermarkets are well equiped and you’ll find complete meals there as well for less money. There are also a lot of tasty pastries.

Visit Brugge/Antwerp/Ghent by train and save 50% of the price

Don’t stick with Brussels only but visit at least one more place in Belgium. The country is small and you shouldn’t spend much time traveling from point A to point B. I’ve visited Brugge and was completely astonished by the city. A train ticket to this city costs 15 euros one way but during the weekend there is 50% off! Yes, that means you’ll get a return ticket for 15 euros!

Trains there and back are convenient as they have departures approximately every 20 minutes. Of course, don’t forget to search the options on BlaBlaCar as well, you might find some better price!

10 Journey Card / Rail Pass

There are more options to travel cheaper within the country and one of them is to take a 10 Journey Card which can be used for one or more people at the same time. The other option is Rail Pass which costs 77 euros for 10 tickets. It’s also transferable and more people can use it. These tickets are great for people who travel in groups – it can save you quite some money.


Have you visit these cities and do you have any other recommendation on how to save the money there? If so, feel free to write it in comments.

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