London in two days

London in two days

London is maybe chaotic and can be pricey but still awesome city to visit! I’ve been there on my business trip and I didn’t have much time for exploring but every free slot I got, I used for walking around. Visiting even London can be on a budget, but you need to plan the trip carefully.

As you can imagine, the biggest issue will be accommodation but you might be lucky enough to find a good price.

Three core things I learned in London are:

  • People are friendly, nice and kind
  • No matter if it’s green or red on traffic lights – when there’s no car, just cross the street!
  • Everyone speaks like Del Trotter!

People in London

When I say friendly, I mean really friendly. It reminds me of some Spanish/Portuguese style of behavior. English people I ran into smiled all the time and made jokes whenever they could. They would always start a small talk with you on the bus or in the supermarket. If I needed any kind of help, they’d usually leave everything they are doing in order to give me a hand.

Also, besides tourists, there are extremely a lot of foreigners living and working in London. You can see it on every corner and the easiest way to recognize foreigners is to hear the accent. If they pronounce all the letters in a word that means they are foreigners! 😀 Joking aside, English people speak some version of English which I’m not always able to understand. By the way, it’s usually said that London isn’t a real England because of the foreigners and if you want to experience the English atmosphere you should go to other cities.

London attractions and the architecture

I haven’t seen much of London landmarks, to be honest. I’ve seen the center of London plus Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, River Thames, Westminster Abby, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe etc. It sounds much but it’s all more or less in the same direction so you can do it in one evening, as I did.

And I wasn’t moved at all. Especially because Big Ben is being reconstructed this year so I saw literally just a clock as such, but not the whole impression of the building. To get the full understanding what do I mean, check the picture below.

The weather was quite windy (it’s quite obvious from the picture though). As you probably know, there is a big chance you’ll experience either hard wind or rain in London. Therefore, be ready to have a rest time to time and don’t schedule too long walks every day.

London itself has a special vibe, cool pubs and as already mentioned, great people but the attractions didn’t blow my mind at all. I enjoyed more walking around this cute streets which look exactly the same as from movies. Enjoying in the architecture of the city, in the center or in the suburbs, it doesn’t matter. Anyway is beautiful and it’s the best way to feel London. What also reminded me of movies were cozy and narrow hotels in the Pimlico area. Because this trip of mine was a business trip, I was accommodated in one of those authentic hotels. And believe it or not, I’ve even found a bible in the drawer! Totally English movies. 🙂

Prices / accommodation / food

London is not pricey, London is crazy expensive. Ok, I’m now sharing my experience and the prices probably depend on the time you book it. However, I’ve found out that if you want to sleep in the center of the city, you’d spend at least 150 GBP for a night in some average hotel. In the center, some hotels cost around 400 GBP one night for one person. Airbnb is cheaper and a room can be found for around 50 GBP+ in this area. Which means…go to Airbnb. And just don’t sleep in the center of London.

The connections are good, everyone uses the transportation on daily basis, therefore that shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem might be wasting time from location A to location B, but that’s always the story of big cities.

Prices of food and drinks in pubs are various and again, depend on the location. If you want to visit London on a budget I recommend eating in the supermarkets. There are many options for prepared lunches, pasta, salads, sandwiches, pastries etc. It costs from 2-3 GBP to 5-6 GBP or a bit more sometimes, depending on what you want to take. It can definitely be your meal for a day. This kind of food is not always the healthiest option but I’m sure you’ll survive it.

Transportation from the airport

There are tons of ways to get from any London airport to the city center but the most convenient I found is EasyBusIt’s the shuttle from EasyJet airline but it’s operated usually by National Express company. By the way, don’t get me wrong, of course, you can buy this shuttle even if you didn’t fly with EasyJet. The price for a ride of 1.5 hours from Gatwick airport was around 4 GBP (4.5 EUR) one direction. That’s the cheapest I’ve found. I was a bit skeptic and expected much worse treatment as it’s you know, cheap. And I was very surprised.

The bus has a lot of space for legs in front of you and also a place to charge your phone. All the drivers I met were very polite and they didn’t care that I took both times the earlier bus than the one I bought my ticket for.


What about you? How London sounds to you, would you visit it? If you already did, write me some of your impressions in comments – how did you like it and would you avoid/recommend.

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