Barcelona as one of the best trips I’ve ever had

Barcelona as one of the best trips I’ve ever had

In the summer of 2017, I got the chance to work and enjoy 8 days in Barcelona. WOW, right?! My office sent me and few other guys from the same company to villa in this city. I was about to work on a project with the guys I’ve never met before in my life.

Can you imagine how many things I possibly experienced and learned while being there? If you want to hear work related story and why working in a big corporation can be beneficial, you’ll have a chance for that. I am actually planning to publish a text on this topic as well. 🙂

In this one, I’m focusing only on Barcelona as such and actually, this trip could be a complete failure. I mean, going with complete strangers, working and living with them for the whole week… It could be a failure, but it turned out it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had.

We were working, swimming, chilling, and eating at the same time. Like, literally.

Somehow it turned out that all the people there were passionate travelers. We indeed used our free time for exploring all the hidden parts of Barcelona. Working hard during the day made us also realize that we need loads of paella, tapas, churros and sangria (paellas are awesome!) in the evening to recover for the next day.

What should you know about Barcelona?

First of all, there are NO nice magnets in Barcelona! For me, a professional mainstream collector of magnets, this fact was really shocking. Almost all of them are a sort of kitsch, colorful, shiny and gold replicates of Sagrada and other things. However, even if this impression was exceptional, something could beat it and it was, guess what – the legendary Sagrada Familia itself. Of course, also Gaudi’s art and the Magic Fountain.

Sagrada Familia

It’s not a cliché, Sagrada Familia is the most powerful piece of architecture I’ve ever seen. The biggest proof is that I didn’t take a selfie with the compañeros immediately. I was waiting at least 5 minutes to admire the construction. Note: whole 5 minutes without a picture for me is, believe me, just WOW. My friends would agree.

They are still rebuilding it and they will do it for a few more years, but it doesn’t matter. The old part is much more powerful anyway and there’s no excuse of skipping the visit there. Luckily, I got my entrance inside. It was easily bookable online, which wasn’t the case for, for example, Gaudi’s houses. And, as you can imagine… Sagrada inside is as spectacular as it is outside. Totally recommend it! 🙂

The same goes for Gaudi’s houses.

Man, what an art! The most spectacular Gaudi’s house I’ve seen in Barcelona was Casa Batllo. All of them are worthy of seeing, however, La Pedrera made the least impression on me. Also, I need to admit I am quite embarrassed I haven’t seen Casa Batllo from inside. The line was huge and If we’d wait for it, we wouldn’t see many other things. Lame excuse, right? Well, don’t make the same mistake, treat yourself and book the visit in advance.

And the Magic Fountain + Plaça d’Espanya!

Dear Lord, what is that fountain? Do you know how many people skip the visit to Fountain thinking is not worth it? Wow, wow, wait… Barcelona gave an impressive homework to all the fountains in the world. It’s soooooo powerful! The show starts every day at a specific time (which depends on the time of the year). You’ll easily find out when is it when you get to Barcelona.

Photos and videos cannot describe at all the fantastic experience you get there, but check it out anyway. Go there at least 30 minutes before, climb up to get the better view and enjoy it. And expect 10 times better impressions in person!

Park Guell

Well, the park is cool. Quite small. And not that appealing during the night. Yeah…We kinda didn’t make it on time and, guess what, the last tours were sold out. No way, how this could happen in Barcelona? 😀 Just before the light goes down the entrance is for free so we were able to see the park for around 130 seconds before it was completely dark. Still, a nice experience.

Also, I’d recommend taking a bus to the Guell park (or at least having a good navigator in front of the tribe). Avoid getting lost during the night on the hill. Also, avoid stairs on the hill. Trust me, avoid them. Stairs never brought anyone anything except trouble.

*A tip (which you might already know): do not visit the main attractions without making an online reservation in advance – the queues are enormous and you will never get to buy the tickets in person!

Barceloneta – everything for everyone 😀

Tourists are often going to Barcelona to explore the city but also to go to the beach. Barceloneta Beach is recommended only for those who don’t have enough time to go to any other beach. In other words, be kind to yourself and spend 30 more minutes / 1 hour going to Badalona, Ocata, Montgat, etc. What can be useful information is that Barceloneta is recommended also for those who forgot any kind of beverage, blanket or even clothes on the way to the beach. Locals will try to sell you everything you can possibly imagine. 😀

Even if you decide to take a tattoo – keep calm; I am pretty sure you will be able to buy all of this stuff while chilling on the beach.

…And much more

Close to Barceloneta is Gothic part of the city and a Barcelona Cathedral but also a park – Parc de la Ciutadella. Then you have the main street Las Ramblas, Columbus Monument, Port of Barcelona, Aquarium Barcelona which are also connected.

The square Plaça de Catalunya, Arc de Triomf…Camp Nou (a football stadion), Picasso Museum…


Much more.

Barcelona is probably one of the least boring cities ever.

Yes, we’ve visited almost everything mentioned. I mean, at the end of the day, we were there 8 days so we really used that time wisely.

Check the set of photos I published on Instagram:

Did I mention that every spot is a good spot for taking selfies? Barcelona views are gorgeous and you can find the Gothic part of the city near Barceloneta, which is impressive in so many ways. Long and narrow streets, high buildings, cheap(er) food, drinks and souvenirs (terrible magnets) but also a chance to run into an open-air improvised opera at sunset.

Good to know! If you are searching for the party and you can not find it on your way, just take a night public bus. Most probably there will be a party in the bus, which we had the chance to attend.

If there is no party, there is a slight chance to meet one Spanish elder who adores sharing all life stories with you…in Spanish. Also, he might choose a person who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish randomly. He’ll not pay attention to any effort to explain this fact, as it happened to our poor friend.

The craziest time in this city, really.


Make a plan. Calculate your time from a point A to a point B. Use the public transport. Book as much as you can online. Make this trip one of the best ones ever!

Eat, drink; eat, drink. Repeat

Of course, eating seafood in Spain land must be a good idea. It was my first time to try paella and I am quite happy I did it there cause it was a m a z i n g! Tapas didn’t impress me that much nor churros (too oily) but as people say, it’s all about the experience. Sangria is a real thing there though.

And you? Have you ever been to Barcelona?

If you did, I bet you had an awesome time there (it cannot be different, as I heard). Write me your best Barcelona experience in the comments and give me a tip what should I visit next time. I’d love to see your pictures and hear the stories, so feel free to share them with me!

Barcelona out. Elvis has left the building. Adios!

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