6 things you absolutely MUST know before moving to Brno

6 things you absolutely MUST know before moving to Brno

Let me guess, you are moving to Brno and have no freaking idea what should you expect from this city? I know your struggle! Oh my God, when I remember myself last year...I totally understand you. That is why I decided to write everything you MUST know before coming here. Just relax and read it cause I guarantee you are in good hands. So, let's start.


1. Jobs, universities, and multiethnicity in Brno


Moving to Brno doesn't have to be overwhelming. I don't know how many nationalities live in Brno but I know that in my company work over 60 different ones. Can you believe it? Companies are growing really fast but there are also many great universities in Brno which attract foreign students. The city actually never sleeps and there are always interesting events to attend. Locals are usually thankful for all the foreigners and they appreciate the diversity. Of course, there are some Czechs of them who believe that immigrants are not bringing anything good to the country... But,  let's not focus on that.

Let's suppose you feel anxious about moving to another city. Well, don't be! You are probably not gonna feel alone in Brno! What do I mean? As I said, there are plenty of events all around and you will have a lot of fun. Although... you might often feel confused with the language and locals who don't speak English. It's rare to find anyone in supermarkets, stores, post office or even a foreign police who will speak English. Which is some kind of absurd, I would say.


Constant job ads


In the beginning, there will be a struggle but luckily there are your colleagues who can be helpful. Also, don't forget there is Brno Expat Centre which is extremely helpful with all your questions. Go through the information they have on the website and if something is unclear, just send them the email. You can ask them to clarify you things about work permit,  insurance, Czech law etc. They will give you a hand with anything. Their advises and replies are free of charge.

Do you know what is the best part? Although the environment is multiethnic, the employers still struggle to find good fits for their company. That results in constant job ads and, also your freedom to choose and negotiate. For example, if you don't like the job you applied for, you shouldn't be worried about finding another one. Some of my friends got few job offers in one week. My friend quit the current job and started working in another place. He didn't like the new job enough so he found a third one! All this happened in one month! Great, right?

You can search jobs in Brno on these websites, just make sure to select only Brno and all needed filters: Grafton.cz, Jobs.cz, Monster.cz, Startapjobs.cz. You can also check this FB groups: Jobs Brno and Multilingual jobs in Brno.


2. Before moving to Brno check salaries and prices


Are you worried about the living standard? The employers usually search for people who speak languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc. Even though you don't have much or experience at all in some specific field, they are willing to teach you everything. Unfortunately, salaries in Brno are not high as they are in Prague but pay can be ok if you compare it to the living standard. You will rarely get less than 25 000 CZK gross (almost a 1000 e) which is net around 750 euros (calculation of gross/net available here).

You are probably now thinking if this is enough for you to live a nice life.

If that's enough for your lifestyle really depends on your needs and priorities but you can google prices in the city. For example, beer outside usually costs around 1.5 or 2 euros, wine around 2 euros and cocktails are for 4 euros and more. Be sure that you are gonna drink amazing beer and wine types here! A quite ok meal can be found for 4 euros and the complete lunch or dinner from around 8 euros or more.

What is the trick here? Food in the supermarket is usually cheap (depending on the brand) but, be careful; because it's usually low quality. Even locals say that the Czech Republic gets "leftovers" from the Europian market. For better quality of vegetables, fruits or meat it's better to go to the market or some butcher stores.

With the mentioned salary you can manage to even eat one meal outside every day and still have the money for yourself. Again, it depends how often do you want to travel, go out, save, will you live alone or in a shared flat etc.



3. Accommodation


I have some bad news for you.

This part is tricky in Brno and most probably will give you the most of a headache. Thanks to the foreigners the rent increased a lot and now flats in bad conditions are rented for a crazy amount of money. You need to accept that you are gonna pay much more for the bed, room or a flat than it's the actual value.

Flats in Brno are usually in old buildings, not renovated for ages and are filled with "antique" furniture. The places are not always fully equipped and most often you will be responsible for buying the furniture and things you need. For that purpose you can use these FB groups:

Buy, sell and swap in Brno and Buy and sell in Brno. Or go to IKEA. 😀


Prices of flats


Another bad news I have for you.

The majority of owners don't speak English and that is why many foreigners go to the agency. On the other side, agencies are not well respected in Brno and most of my friends were complaining about them. The fee is high and many agents were rude + not helpful with the communication with the owners.

If you are searching for a flat in FB groups, bed in a shared room is usually around 2 000/3 000/4 000 CZK or more (80-160e). Rooms from 4 500 CZK to 9 000 CZK (170 EUR to 350 EUR). Nowadays it's hard to even find a decent room which is less than 6 000 CZK. By decent, I mean equipped in an ok looking flat and in an ok location. If you want to rent a room in some house or have a more luxurious place you will have to pay from 8 000 CZK and more. Of course, maybe you wouldn't, if you have some connections, know people or you just get lucky.

But it's possible. Check it yourself!

If you are planning to live by yourself that will cost you from 12 000 CZK (470 EUR) to...who knows how much. All this depends on the location, condition, how big is it etc. All this plus deposit for one month and, if you go through an agency, a fee for them. This is the reason why many people still live in a shared flat in order to save some money. Including me. 🙁


Where to find the accommodation?


Unfortunately, there is more.

One more important thing is that when you are searching a room, you have to be quick. When someone posts the ad, within few hours they already have 10 people on a waiting list ready to see it. There are more people than flats, obviously. It's going super fast and people usually post the ad on facebook groups. Don't be scared, everyone is finding their flatmates over social media and it's (usually) safe to do it like that.

These are some most efficient English and Czech groups (use translator if needed).

Multilingual flats in Brno, Flat to rent in Brno, Bydleni v Brne, Bydleni BrnoThere are much more groups, however, these are the most popular. If you decide to go through an agency, I would probably recommend these ones:

UlovDomov.cz and Foreigners.cz. NOTE: I didn't use any of those. I just heard they are...ok.

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: Don't believe in online ads which say the owners are abroad and you have to pay in order to get the keys. This is a very popular scam in Brno.

When renting a flat, insist on seeing the flat in person and insist on getting the contract. Don't agree with renting any flat without a contract!

I know this all sounds too complicated. Let's face it, it's never easy when moving to another country or a city. Everyone else could manage it and I am sure you will be able to do it as well. Just relax and go step by step.


4. Social life. Will you be bored?


Bored? In Brno? Never! Trust me, there are events for everyone. Czechs usually go out after their work and their party often continues until early morning. Sometimes even noon. Their way of going out is mostly in a bar with local beer and sometimes after that, they go to the club.

Unfortunately, live music is not popular here, therefore, it will be quite difficult to find any. And if you will, it's not gonna be the same as you experienced in, for example, Ireland. On the other side, they have really cool and creative pubs and more about them you can read on this page. You can also follow this facebook group to be updated with all the Brno happenings.

During spring, summer, and autumn you can look forward to different kinds of festivals. Food, beer, wine, music: jazz, rock, pop, electronic etc. They take place everywhere, in the center, on the streets, fortress, parks, squares, on the lake. Last year they closed the streets in the center to prepare a festival which lasted from noon to 10 pm.

There are also open-air cinemas, theaters, concerts. You will often find beer tram as well. There are restaurants from all around the world. In Brno ate the best burger and Indian food in my life!



5. Cheap travels to the whole world


After you survived all the unpleasant news about accommodation, you deserve some awesome news! If you are a frequent traveler, this city can fit you 100 %. Brno is situated in the middle of everywhere and it doesn't take much time to travel around.

If you are interested in exploring cities around, I guess you will use buses or trains. Apart from the regular transport, the Czech Republic has, Flixx bus and RegioJet are the most popular ones. You should also know that these companies usually have some discounts and sometimes you can buy a ticket to the relatively close city very cheap. For instance, I sometimes pay 0.1 euros or 1 euro to get to Prague.

Wondering about the airports nearby?

There is a really small Brno airport and there are flights only to London and Munich. Don't lose the hope, there is the airport in Bratislava, Ostrava, and Vienna (1 hour and 30 min by car), Prague and Pardubice (2 hours by car). There are also airports such as ones in Budapest, Krakow, Katowice (3h by car) and Wroclaw (4 hours by car).

Of course, to reach the airport takes more time by bus or train. Some airports are well connected to Brno, and some of them are just connected "ok". Anyway, using all these airports, you will be able to find many, many cheap flights to all around the world. That is how I visited 12 countries and over 40 cities last year.


6. Public transport is  A M A Z I N G


Are you ready for the, probably, best news?

Brno has one of the best public transport in Europe. And I am not subjective, there was even some statistics about it. Trams, buses, trolleys are running every day. Trams go every 5 minutes and in the evening every 10 minutes. They are punctual in one second and no matter how strong do you run to catch it, they will not wait for you. They will close the door in front of you. Why? That is how they make sure they will always be on time for the next stop. And that is why you can always rely on them.

Are you wondering how to be up to date with the transport? All schedules can be checked on app IDOS. Whenever there is some change or unexpected delay, it's automatically updated. Taxis are not needed at all but if you insist on them, you can always call Liftago. That is something similar to Uber. It's cheaper than a taxi and you can order it through the app here.

What if you are in the city during the night and need to go home? No problem! Busses are running the whole night! They go every 1 hour except weekends. After it, they run every 30 minutes till 3 am and after it every hour. At 5 am, you have trams again. The whole city is connected and there s no chance that the bus will not go close to your home.


That's all for now guys! I hope you are still moving to Brno and also that the information here was useful.

If so, like it, share it or comment it. 🙂 And check the list with useful links below!


Did I miss to mention something? Let me know in comments and I will be more than happy to update this article or write a new article on this topic. I know there is too many information and it maybe seems overwhelming.

But it's really worth it. You will have a wonderful time here. How do I know it? Well, I didn't meet any single person who wasn't happy here! 🙂


To sum app all useful links from this article:

10 coolest places in Brno

Brno Expat Centre

FACEBOOK: Living in Brno

FB: Buy, sell and swap in Brno

FB: Buy and sell in Brno

Liftago - cheaper taxi

App for the transportation IDOS

Calculation of gross and net salaries


Website and an FB groups for jobs:





Multilingual jobs in Brno

Jobs Brno



Multilingual flats in Brno,

Flat to rent in Brno,

Bydleni v Brne,

Bydleni Brno




Busses to go around:

Flixx bus


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